How I Won $1720 at Razor Shark

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Kelly Flexx  2023-02-24

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Hello all! This is my new review of the slot Razor Shark. We play on the project 1Win. The link to this project will be below. When you sign up you get a bonus of up to $950 on your first game balance. Today I decided to hit up Razor Shark slot. I don't know what's going to come out of this. But hopefully we'll pay off and make a plus in the end. We're the ones with Push Gaming. For now, we're just going to spin this slot and hope that we get a bonus game. It would be really cool if we could get a bonus game in that many spins already.

How I Won $1720 at Razor Shark

How to earn in Razor Shark

Also in the Razor Shark can fall seaweed and due to this we can win with you quite a good amount of money to the balance. Okay. I guess with a balance like that, we can actually raise the bet. You know, like the balance allows. Let's go $4. We'll play it that way for now. Maybe we'll get a bonus or seaweed. Any of those things.

Let's keep spinning. And by the way, we're already down to seaweed. Let's keep spinning. That's cool! But I guess that's the end of it.

Yes, yes... We didn't get any more algae. 🥲

How to earn in Razor Shark

How to win at Razor Shark

All right. We're not discouraged. We keep on spinning. I think something's playing along a little bit. But it's not enough. It's not enough. That's why we're hoping for a little bit of a drift. 

Okay. Well, okay. Algae on line one. That's pretty good. Okay. Now, if we could just get a line to play! And that would have been glitter and glamour. Because the first line there was all wilds. Sharks, if anything, are wilds. For those who didn't know.

So the bonuska might be and... No. Bonuska doesn't fall to us. 😭

How to win at Razor Shark

How much you can win at Razor Shark

I think it's time to raise the bet to $7. Well, it's really tough to catch a bonus at this rate.  I hope it works out for us. Here we go.

Well, so far, I haven't seen anything too tough. So we keep rolling. By the way, we're about to have some coins. Bonuska! But like it could fall out, but it's not falling out, folks. It's not falling. 

Two bombs! And it's $20. Sad, sad, sad! 😞 

How much you can win at Razor Shark

How much can you earn in Razor Shark

Okay, we still have seaweed. Maybe something will work out.

Well, so-so. Really so-so. All right. Okay! The line played $20 and... Yeah.

I don't even smell a payoff yet. I don't know if we should raise the bet now. Well, because I don't see any normal games from the word "at all" yet.

Two pennies. What good are two pennies? Two pennies is X1.

Ouch, X100! Okay, okay, I take it back. It's $700! 🥳

How much can you earn in Razor Shark

How to win at Razor Shark

We continue to spin the Razor Shark slot with you. Good! This coin can even be put on a preview. That's why it's great!

Now, I think we can raise the bet to $12. 

That's it, folks! I don't know what to say. We're doing one spin. We raise the bet to $12. We did one spin, and we got a bonus! 

Well, that's it folks, really likes, subscribes, comments for that! 😂

How to win at Razor Shark

What is my strategy in Razor Shark

And we're looking at what we might have here. Okay. X2! We just need something to connect. Just something, please! At least connect something. That's good!

That's good. I don't know, how much is it? It's $378! That'll do!

So, on and on and on. Well, the multiplication is growing. We need more seaweed! We need more seaweed and then we can hope to get it in. But even as it is, it's like $420! That's pretty good.

But I'd like to see a bigger payoff. 🙏🏻

What is my strategy in Razor Shark

How much did I end up winning at Razor Shark

Okay! O`K! She renewed it. We already have X9. Okay, all right. We need to get the normal lines playing, and then yeah. Then we'll be okay. 

By the way, more seaweed $168. Nah, if he puts it in the center. Right. But there's basically nothing we can play here.

But X13! X13 is serious. It's really quite serious. We need some kind of normal game.

Something! Okay, $100 is fine, but it's not much. It's not much. I mean, really, can't we just play tinker?  And now I understand... Yeah. Okay, okay, okay! $720 is fine. All right! 

We have $1720 in the balance now. I say we go $7 to $2,000. 🙈

And I think we can call it a day. Basically we are in the pluses and I don't see the point in continuing to spin this slot.  Well, I think that is not going to fall out. So thanks a lot everyone that finished reading to the end!

I wish you all luck! Observe the risks! See you later!

How much did I end up winning at Razor Shark

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